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Oily hair tips | say goodbye to oily hair

Few things change so much we look like a good haircut, but it is also necessary to have your hair in top condition and above all healthy . Women are struggling with this for several reasons, some to have it too dry and others to have it very oily.

If you're the ones with the greasy hair stops looking for solutions that so far nothing I have used .Read these simple tips we have to share with you and watch you take away forever the evil look and regain the lost smoothness.

- Wash it only with lukewarm water rather cold , hot water activates the sebaceous glands and therefore produce more fats

- If you do need to use conditioner with great caution , after washing and only at the tips, never apply it on scalp

- Dry it with towel without rubbing , just wrap it and leave it for a while, the friction also stimulates fat production

- Never use waxes or set the style , they all have a high fat component.

You will see how these simple tips to radically change the look of your hair. Try them and then tell us.


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