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How to remove blackheads

Here are the tips on how to remove blackheads. But before that, knowing what is the cause is also important. Almost everyone encounter acne problem during their age of teen. It is commonly caused by a bacterium which builds up in our skin pores and spreads to other part. Besides, growing blackheads is also due to our active hormone in teen age. White and black heads are both considered acne. Thankfully we can actually get rid of these irritating blackheads.

Blackheads are usually caused by heredity, eating a lots of improper food, stressed, living in a dusty area, sensitivity of some cosmetic product and hormones. So how do we remove blackheads? I have listed some treatment method for blackheads below.

one of the common method to heal blackheads is to wash your face twice a day with facial foam designed for acne. Besides try this, rub fresh garlic on your pimples(not scars). Acne will be vanished in no time. This is a proven instant treatment for acne, but again it is not for everyone. Next you might need to drink a lot of wheatgrass juice, as wheat grass can effectively remove acne and blackheads due to its anti-acne agent.

Diet good for removing blackheads
You need to drink at least 8 glass of water everyday because water is the most important substance for your body’s health, it helps remove toxin, just try google drinking water benefits then you’ll know what I’m talking about. In short, it helps clear the skin and maintain skin elasticity, and of course, remove acne.
Fruit that is rich with vitamin C is a must, eat more of these to promote your skin’s health. It really helps remove acne. Zinc is important as well, which is responsible for oil-producing glands of the skin, maintain zinc intake to prevent acne breakouts.

Now you know how to remove blackheads from the health tips above. Here are some other resources on acne. Read this facts of acne and home remedies to treat pimples.  Hope that they can give you a clear idea of removing and preventing acne blackheads breakouts.