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Fat Loss 4 Idiots - Review

Have You Heard It?
Currently Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a very popular web-based diet which claims to be able to help you loose as much as 9 pounds of weight every 11 days.

So First, we will examine the positives and negatives of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet, so you can decide for yourself whether this is something you’re interested in.

Ok, let’s talk about the incredible claim of loosing 9 pounds in 11 days. While it may be possible to loose such a large amount in a short time, it probably wouldn’t be very healthy to do so.

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In fact, most of this dramatic weight loss would mainly be water loss, fat, and even muscle. This isn’t something to aim for if you’re interested in long-term weight loss. Well, it still depends on your current weights, this kind of weight loss may be possible(although not advisable).

Despite Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet, it seems many people have actually had success in the 11 day period. Weight loss of 3-4 lbs is common according to users experiences.

OK, let's take a look at this Fat Loss 4 Idiots. what does it have?

Once you brought Fat Loss 4 Idiots, you will have the access to the “10 rules of weight loss” report which consists of 10 common-sense, yet important principles to follow while using this diet. Here's basically what it covers....

Manipulate calories
Eat 4 meals a day (2 1/2 hours between each)
Prepare meals at home
Rotate carb and protein meals each day
Eat meals plain (i.e. little or no condiments)
Knowing when to stop eating
Only drink certain drinks
Drink lots of water
Avoid sweet stuff

As this is just a small part of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet. The main part of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program is the online diet generator.

The Diet Generator :

During the use, it shows personal menu to user where you can type in the food you would like to eat, and the menu generator will captures it, which means you will end up eating much of the food you like. These foods will then be used to create your 11 day meal plan.

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots food menu is comprised of 4 meals a day so don't worry about starving. That's why so many people have been able to stick to it for so long and maintain their new weight once they lost the number of lbs. they wanted.

Here is how diet generator looks like(click to enlarge)

So what are these meals like?

Most of the meal plans are very basic dishes, which is great if you don’t like to cook complex meals. But if you enjoy cooking (or enjoy good food) then you may find these meals a little boring. However, it’s certainly possible to improve upon these meals without making significant changes to their purpose.

Thankfully, portion sizes aren’t restricted in the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet. You can eat until you feel full. If you’ve ever tried to follow a diet before, you already know how unfulfilling it can be to have finished your meal but still feel hungry. You shouldn’t have these problems with the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet as you’re meant to eat until you feel full.

You don’t need to buy any special ingredients for this program. Not like you have to with some diets. There are no special food requirements for this diet. So you can still buy the usual foods you enjoy from your grocery store, and follow this diet correctly.

So let’s take a look at theie theory behind these meal plans.
Their diet follows the “shifting calories theory”.

The idea behind the shifting calories theory is that your metabolism doesn’t know how much (or what kind) of food you’re going to be eating in the next few days. So your metabolism burns off calories using your recent eating habits as a reference. The diet in Fat Loss 4 Idiots takes advantage of this, by “shocking” your metabolism.

How? By not eating the same kind of calories each and every day.

So In theory, this causes your metabolism to increase, and burn off the calories you’ve eaten faster – and then start burning the fat tissue.

The fat loss 4 Idiots diet seems to be the only diet predominantly associated with this shifting calories theory. Whether this theory is fact or fiction, it remains to be seen.But the majority of users have experienced positive results.

The shifting calories method which is becoming popular in the United States is a special diet method which was formed for a fast and continuous weight loss.

It's different, not like other diet plans which may provide a short term weight loss, but the calorie shifting diet method ensures that you will not gain back the weight you have lost and that you will continue to lose more and more weight for weeks and months until optimum status.

In conclusion, the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet – despite its almost-too-good-to-be-true claims, it does deliver results – even in a short time period of 11 days.( Provided you follows its instruction)
By doing some research online it shows a lot of positive feedback for Fat Loss 4 Idiots in the form of reviews, and users sharing their experiences in internet forums.

While 9 pounds of weight loss in 11 days may be unlikely (or unhealthy), by following these diet plans you’re very likely to experience impressive weight loss. one thing to keep in mind though that every person is different and loses weight at a different pace. Sure, some people do lose 9 pounds every 11 days, others do even better. But from my research most of the people lose an average of 6 pounds every 11 days whereelse, 3-4 lbs is certainly even easier for majority of the people who use this diet.

However, I was skeptical of this diet at first. But the claims sure make the diet stand out, sometimes for the wrong reasons.

But after thoroughly reviewing this diet, I have found it to be a very easy-to-follow and reliable way of loosing weight consistently. If you’re serious about losing weight, Fat Loss 4 Idiots could be just for you.

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