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Tips to get in shape after childbirth

How to get in shape after childbirth is one of the famous questions from pregnant women.

When can I start physical activity
Normally you have to wait for the quarantine to return to exercise, starting with pelvic floor exercises with vaginal birth. Once strengthened, they will start with the abdomen, the muscles of the spine and progressive aerobic exercise.

For a caesarean section, may begin before pelvic floor exercises, as they have not suffered so much at birth, but there will be more careful with the strengthening of the abdominal area, as there are scars on the muscle.
As a general rule, there will be severe abdominal exercises or jumping exercises and vibration within three months after delivery.

The initial exercises
The first exercises should a woman after delivery are aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor and perineum. Have weakened considerably after birth and have suffered enough, so this is the first step.

They are known as Kegel exercises that simply are contractions of the sphincter and pelvic floor muscles (for example, resist the urge to urinate or go to the bathroom, contractions of the vagina and anus, etc.).

The rear building
Then start both strengthening the abdominal muscles progressively and general aerobic exercise. Emphasis will be placed on strengthening the spine. Once the pelvic floor and abdomen are strong, we recommend any type of regular physical exercise.

It will be progressive up to the fitness I had before giving birth. We recommend the Pilates Method, including breathing and strengthens the pelvic floor.

Other physical care
The skin has given itself and is stretched with pregnancy and little by little by itself will return to after a while. Is giving foreign aid and firming stretch mark cream 2 to 3 months after delivery.

The main stretch and reaffirmation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue is performed by physical exercise. Any muscular exercise produces a stimulating effect and firming of the tissue around it. Therefore, there are many exercises that work the abdomen, buttocks and chest, as they are the areas most stretched during pregnancy.

Also be strengthened with the help of specific treatments against
cellulite and sagging.

Some exercises to do at home
Exercising on the mat, especially exercises to strengthen pelvic floor and abdomen. It can work very well all muscle groups. It works to mobilize the spine and stretching
the body.

We must follow the guidelines described above and, at first ceilings effortless exercise maintained and not include jumping drills and vibration.

For this, the pilates and gentle aerobic exercise such as walking or stationary cycling are the best allies to work at home at first. It will increase the intensity gradually until you can perform abdominal work moderate intense aerobic work (weights, etc..).

Advice, information and practical
Body Factory professionals advise you and provide all information on activities and exercises recommended if just being a mom.