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Hi All,

Very important - NEVER LIGHT A CANDLE in an A/C ROOM!! Prevention is better than cure... Please read this and pass on.....

NEVER LIGHT A CANDLE in an Air-conditioned Room.

A friend in our group passed away last week due to carbon-monoxide poisoning.

It happened when she lighted an aroma theraputic candle for the night in a room with the air-c onditioner ON. Due to subsequent lack of oxygen in the room, the burning of the candle cannot fully oxidize, thus forming dangerous carbon monoxide.
Carbon monoxide will prevent oxygen exchange in the lungs, resulting in the person dozing off into a state of unconsciousness & eventual death in less than an hour, depending on the room size.

This piece of information is to make you aware of such a danger when lighting aroma theraputic candles in any unventilated rooms.