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NEW KIND OF BREAST CANCER - an early warning!

New kind of Breast Cancer

Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, friends,
etc. In November, a rare kind of breast cancer was found. A lady
developed a rash on her breast, similar to that of young mothers who
are nursing. Because her mammogram had been clear, the doctor treated
her with antibiotics for infections. After 2 rounds, it continued to
get worse, so her doctor sent her for another mammogram. This time it
showed a mass. A biopsy found a fast growing malignancy. Chemo was
started in order to shrink the growth; then a mastectomy was
performed; then a full round of Chemo; then radiation. After about 9
months of intense treatment, she was given a clean bill of health. She
had one year of living each day to its fullest. Then the cancer
returned to the liver area. She took 4 treatments and decided that she
wanted quality of life, not the after effects of Chemo. She had 5
great months and she planned each detail of the final days. After a
few days of needing morphine, she died. She left this message to be
delivered to women everywhere: Women, PLEASE be alert to anything that
is not normal, and be persistent in getting help as soon as possible.
Paget's Disease: This is a rare form of breast cancer, and is on the
outside of the breast, on the nipple and aureole. It appeared as a
rash, which later became a lesion with a crusty outer edge. I would
not have ever suspected it to be breast cancer but it was. My nipple
never seemed any different to me, but the rash bothered me, so I went
to the doctor for that. Sometimes, it itched and was sore, but other
than that it didn't bother me. It was just ugly and a nuisance, and
could not be cleared up with all the creams prescribed by my doctor
and dermatologist for the dermatitis on my eyes just prior to this
outbreak. They seemed a little concerned but did not warn me it could
be cancerous. Now, I suspect not many women out there know a lesion or
rash on the nipple or aureole can be breastcancer. (Mine started out
as a single red pimple on the aureole. One of the biGgest problems
with Paget's disease of the nipple is that the symptoms appear to be
harmless. It is frequently thought to be a skin inflammation or
infection, leading to unfortunate delays in detection and care.) What
are the symptoms?

1. A persistent redness, oozing, and crusting of
your nipple causing it to itch and burn (As I stated, mine did not
itch or burn much, and had no oozing I was aware of, but it did have a
crust along the outer edge on one side.)

2. A sore on your nipple that
will not heal. (Mine was on the aureole area with a whitish thick
looking area in center of nipple).

3. Usually only one nipple is
effected. How is it diagnosed? Your doctor will do a physical exam and
would suggest having a mammogram of both breasts, done immediately.
Even though the redness, oozing and crusting closely resemble
dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), your doctor should suspect
cancer if the sore is only on one breast. Your doctor should order a
biopsy of your sore to confirm what is going on.

This message should
be taken seriously and passed on to as many of your relatives and
friends as possible; it could save someone's life.My breast cancer has
spread and metastasized to my bones after receiving mega doses of
chemotherapy, 28 treatments of radiation and taking Tamaxofin. If this
had been diagnosed as breast cancer in the beginning, perhaps it would
not have spread...

TO ALL READERS:This is sad as women are not aware
of Paget's disease. Spread the news

Drinking water left in the sun


Bottled water in your car.....very dangerous, woman!!!!
This is how Sheryl Crow got breast cancer. She was on the
Ellen show andsaid this same exact thing. This has been
identified as the most commoncause of the high levels in
breast cancerA friend whose mother was recently diagnosed
with breast cancer. The Doctor told her: women should not
drink bottled water that has been left in a car. The doctor
said that the heat and the plastic of the bottle have cer
tainchemicals that can lead to breast cancer. So please be
careful and do not drink bottled water that has been left
in a car, and, pass this on to all the women in your life.
This information is the kind we need to know and beaware
and just might save us!!!! The heat causes toxins from the
plastic to leak into the water and they have found these
toxins in breast tissue.

Use a stainless steel Canteen or a glass bottle when you can!!!

Air Purifier in Taxi - BEWARE!

Wow, this sounds scary!
Hi EveryoneFor your discernment.
Must read especially for those who
travel to Malaysia frequently.
BEWARE! Mungkin bisa terjadi di
Indonesia juga nantinya. Air purifier in Malaysia
taxis (Must Read for your own safety!!) No
matter the taxi driver is chinese, malay or indian, PLEASE
BE AWARE! If you notice that there is a sound of spray
of perfume or air purifier inside the taxi, PLEASE GET
It just happened to me just now. It was about 12.45 am . I got into a
taxi driven by a malay man. I was in the taxi for a few
minutes, I suddenly heard of a sound of spray and there
was a smell like air purifier. I felt weird as to why
the driver put two types of air purifiers in his taxi.
The smell immediately reminded me about this forwarded email
that I read. I started to be aware of my
surroundings. But the puff of the purifier kept
appears every few minutes. I was very worried and
scared. Gradually, I sensed that my body started to
feel weaker and weaker. The purifier kept puffing from
the back seat, just right behind me. As I really
felt my whole body is weaken, I asked the driver to let me
get down at the side road. But he kept trying to talk
to me and ask me why not dropping me off at my
destination. I think he was trying to drag the time. To my
horror, I felt both of my hands and legs got numbed
and no energy, almost could not move. When I
talked to the driver, I could not even speak properly, not
to say to shout for help, 'cos I was really too
weak... Immediately, I opened the door and ran to
passer-by for help. I really thank God for saving
me. If not, I really can't imagine what would
have happened to me. I am traumatised by this incident.
This is TRUE case. Please do keep in mind! IT IS
BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY! I feel the need to
share with you guys, no matter you are men or women
'cos it is NOT a LIE , not a made-up story. It
really happened. Do! let your friends, family members
and relatives know about this case. I believe you are
just like me, don't wish anybody to be the victim of
this case. "Please be aware when aboard to a
taxi, especially the ladies." I received an
email some months ago about a lady getting into a cab
and felt uneasy and become faint when she smelt
something like incense being burnt. She was smart
enough to order the taxi to stop immediately and
after throwing some money at the taxi man quickly get
out of the taxi. She later got to know that if she had
not stopped the taxi and gotten out, she would have
fainted and raped by the taxi man (or a gang of rapists)!
After reading this, I thought maybe this was one
of those emails that you would read and just forget
about it, but I was wrong! Few weeks ago, a
visitor to our Chinese church who stayed in Puchong got
into a taxi driven by an Indian man. When she sat into the
taxi, there was a little burner and she could smell
incense burning in the taxi. After awhile, she felt
weak and unable to speak or shout. The Indian taxi man
drove to a lonely road where there was hardly anyone and
raped her. Before she was completely knocked out, she
was told by the taxi guy that she was his number six
victim. She was not only raped but also robbed!
When she was conscious again, she quickly went to see a
doctor. The sad thing is, the doctor knew she was
raped but did not advise her what to do. The doctor
just let her make the decision to make or not to make a
police report. Since she does not know the rapist name
and also the taxi number and in great fear after this
trauma, she told the doctor that she would not
dare to report to the police. The doctor said since she
dare not make the report, he would just have to destroy
the medical report! Because the rapist took her
whole bag with her ID in it, he got her address
and even has the guts to come straight to her house and try
to be funny with her. Please remember not to get
into a taxi that smells funny and if possible don't
get into a taxi alone, and if you have to do so, give a
call or sms back to your friends or relatives and let
them know the taxi registration number and if possible,
the name of the taxi man. AND OPEN THE
WINDOW! Gals... please take note and... Guys...
please tell your female friends...

Correct way of cooking noodles


The correct way to cook instant noodles without harming our bodies and
health. `Normally, how we cook the instant noodles is to put the noodles
into a pot with water, throw in the powder and let it cook for around 3
minutes and then it's ready to eat.

This is the WRONG method of cooking the instant noodles.

By doing this, when we actually boil the ingredients in the powder,
normally with MSG, it will change the molecular structures of the MSG
causing it to be toxic.

The other thing that you may or may not realize is that, the noodles are
coated with wax and it will take around 4 to 5 days for the body to
excrete the wax after you have taken the noodles.


1. boil the noodles in a pot with water.
2. once the noodles is cooked, take out the noodles, and throw away the
water which contains wax. 3. boil another pot of water till boiling and
put the noodles into the hot boiling water and then shut the fire. 4.
only at this stage when the fire is off, and while the water is very
hot, put the ingredient with the powder into the water, to make noodle
soup. 5. however, if you need dry noodles, take out the noodles and add
the ingredient with the powder and toss it to get dry noodles.

Please share this info and help save a life.