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Does Water Make You Lose Weight?

Drinking plenty of water is the usually the number one ingredient to lose weight safely. This is overlooked because people are usually only thinking about food. A lot of times you may think you are starving, but once you drink a glass of water you really don't feel as hungry as you thought. Keeping yourself well-hydrated is a must.

Why is water so important for losing weight?
Water is the foundation to every health and fitness goal. Water is the most valuable substance you consume and has a wide variety of essential functions that are the source of life.

Let's take a look at a few of the functions water performs in your body and the reasons why it's so important to drink enough water:

1. Water makes up approximately 75% of your body.

2. Control your body temperature and keep your body keep up its functions.

3. It assists in digestion, absorption and assimilation which give you the complete vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the foods you eat.

4. Water helps with the excretion of waste from the bowels and kidneys. Which help you to avoid constipation and will relieve stress on your kidneys.

5. Water makes up 92% of your blood that helps with nutrient distribution.

6. Will help keep your skin smoother and healthier.

7. Lubricates and heals the joints and muscles.

These are just a few of the important things water accomplishes in your system.

But why is water so important for weight loss?

Many people search for appetite suppressants to avoid their hunger when the best way to feel fuller is to drink more water. People who do not drink enough water throughout the day usually develop hunger pains more than those who drink enough water. Drinking cold water is the best choice.

Drink a glass of water when you feel hungry and wait five minutes to see if you are still hungry. Always have a bottle of water with you, taking sips every so often and see the affects it has on your appetite.

Water Get Waste Out From Your Body

Water also is a great way to get waste out of your body so that you can cleanse yourself of harmful toxics that may build up after time. For thirst there is no better liquid than water to get the satisfaction of not being thirsty. Water is also the best way to hydrate your body because the body can get dehydrated very easily and you need to replenish the body. Also if you drink coffee or alcohol it is important to drink extra water along with these items because they will cause the body to get dehydrated and you need the extra water.

Drink More Water Daily
Using water to diet is very beneficial because it is very easy to be misguided and eat when in fact we are just thirsty. You should have at least 8 - 8ounces of water each day but this depends on your activity level. If you are more active you can consume larger amounts of water.

Remember for the best results in loosing weigh using water you need to drink enough so that your body will burn fat and be replenished.

Not drinking enough water could be why you are not losing weight.


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