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You should know about acne

Do laser treatment for acne cicatrices work? I have problems acne since 2000 last6 .. Now, his mark on the skin that I very odd Luk ... I takeing ayrvedic treatment I. ...But can u pls suggest me very effective medication for acne cicatrices cicatrice work areas on acne cicatrices? I have skin African American. I had acne keloids for more than 20 years. I was for more than 10.They had yet lasers and operations.Do you have any other treatment for me?

Acne is a skin disease, and the SAC obstruées made Prism (to) the pores.Acne is a disease, and great in obtenu them sick.Kligmann, a penelit is acne problems in the world believe, '', Nobody in the world, what's happening in life, without a Pickel Haut on it. "Enable is hormoneal changes have animated the rivers tallow skin. Switchblade hormoneal to Acne is on employment, pregnancy, pills and disruption.

Oil production death
Acne from not only de sales, but the factors the body; acne is abnormal conditions of the skin is not dead production oil gland disturbances (sebaceus water), two great hair follicules blockage issues channel and pores of the skin; a more frequent cause acne hormoneal, a cup of oil in the skin in tallow and bacteria.

Died skin package red blood cells
Generally no surplus tallow stream caused as two hormones androgen lebensfähig. acne will caused surplus tallow glands, mixed with died skin package red blood cells; and if the skin cell and the number of anticipated increase tallow, the mixed mixture thickly and mud one a plug, black spots in formulaires you white; many of them think acne in the face of the attack, but it could also attacked other parts of the body, as in shoulder, chest and arms.

, Stir up problems more compliqué bacteria usually in the skin, this is called p. acne, which for it more in tumor meeting tallow, spark, and which, in order to produce the environment equipment. continue to swell the Gland and able to overcome, then the skin inflammation environment: it is, because of acne type of stone, probably long-term pigmentation with cicatrices measure, like.

Red blood cells, and remove old rather than new, brighter package red blood cells to reduce, cicatrices. will also reduce the remarks.

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