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Honey and lime, Herbal recipes beat acne

Honey and lime, Herbal recipes beat acne

Acne is a skin condition the reduced production of abnormal oil glands (sébacé pituitary) redondants. production more ago have urinary tract oil you have urinary tract sébacé caused a blockage in line hair follicules and pores of the skin.

Acne often made or the skin (skin become red and swollen and pink). Skin Inflammation here life production oil no skin or urinary tract sébacé have stream full at that time in the form of channel and comedones (white point), and seborhoea.

There are several causes of acne is hereditary genetic factors, your activities, to stimulate tumor hormonaux sébacé accumulation and dead cells, skin, acne that builds in the face of inquiétant frequency and maybe we lost faith, and be Used his medication sometimes can be appropriate and the results are not as expected. To go to the doctor, in addition to our money who have no good but a little too often and the recette from chemicals (daughter-in-law).

As prescribed for treatment acne médicaments

There is nothing wrong to try to use ingrédients natural to put him on the face of the end of the remarks about acne.For example, using a March of honey and lime juice.Honey has a substance antiseptic useful for éliminant bacteria that exist in the face of inflammation can cause acne forever. Meanwhile, lemon juice can reduce the oil in the face to prevent full eye drops.

The steps to create a great mass of lemon juice.

Take one lime and squeeze the water, 1 tsp. mix lemon juice had with a teaspoon of honey on the face and sat for 30 minutes, rinse cold.

Does it regularly, Insya Alloh acne may leave your face.


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