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Herbal Medicines for Brain Cancer | helps heal brain tumor

Brain cancer is a tumor or tumors that form in the brain itself. Most brain tumors have spread to the brain from other affected parts of the body (such as breast or lung) through the blood stream. only a small percentage of brain cancer cases originate in the brain.

in its early stages, brain cancer often produces no symptoms, or shows that the symptoms are confused with everyday headaches.As a result, the condition is often quite advanced before it is detected. Brain cancer is a very serious condition that can cause extensive neurological damage or death.

The exact cause of brain cancer is unknown, but heredity is suspected to play a role in its development.

Signs and symptoms
Brain cancer is usually asymptomatic until the tumor reaches a certain size. at that time, symptoms include:

persistent headaches


general weakness, weakness, or located in the arms or legs

loss of coordination


personality change
loss of mental abilities, including memory

double vision or loss of vision

conventional medical treatment

if you suspect you have a brain tumor, see a doctor immediately. a cat scan or MRI of the head can usually confirm the presence of a tumor and determine its location. if a tumor is found, the doctor may have a cat scan of the chest and abdomen to make sure the cancer has not affected other areas of the body. if the tumor is located and is situated in an area where removal is possible (on the outer surface of the brain, for example), surgery may be performed. However, some tumors, particularly those located in deep brain tissue cannot be operated. In these cases, radiation and chemotherapy used to destroy cancer cells. (See "Conventional medical treatment" in the "Bladder Cancer" entry for more information on radiation and chemotherapy.)
complementary and alternative treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine

acupressure by pressing on certain acupressure points along the meridians of the body, a practitioner may be able to reduce the incidence of cancer and headache.

Chinese Herbal Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that any result in the formation of tumor blood stagnation, so a doctor can recommend ways to stimulate blood flow and strengthen the immune system, such as ginseng and astragals formula. in cases of brain cancer, an herbalist may prescribe Chinese formula called three yellow.


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