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Breast Enhancement Side Effects

Having a breast enhancement operation exposes you to risks such as breast-feeding troubles or implant leakage. Thus, it is essential to visualize these common dangers and side-effects to better prepare you on what to do.

Quite a number of patients who have undergone breast enhancement successfully breast feed. However, there is still a possibility that it will affect the breast feeding process. Before moving through the surgery, confer with your surgeon about this. Sometimes, breast enhancement results to a loss of sensation in the nipple and breast area. This loss of sensation, which results from damaged nerve endings, may be temporary or permanent. The outcome would be based on the breast enhancement technique utilized by your surgeon.

Another possible risk of getting breast enhancement procedures are the leaking of the breast implant materials into the surrounding breast tissue. To lessen the possibility of leaking, make sure that the implant material that will be used is approved by the FDA. Implants may also break or tear over time. Normally, ruptures occur when there is excessive compression or injury to the breast. It may also be because of the natural aging of the implant. Sometimes, it is mammography itself that compresses the breast implant, thereby causing it to tear.

The worst risk in breast enhancement rests in its inference of breast cancer detection. Breast enhancement implants may cover breast tumors during mammography or ultrasound. For patients with breast enhancement, additional views and special imaging are needed during breast examination. The "Eklund displacement views" helps maximize the visibility of the breast tissue to further detect tumors.

Before undergoing a breast enhancement surgery, it is recommended to talk about the possible fallouts with your chosen qualified surgeon who has enough experience in breast enhancement. Ensure that the surgeon will inform you of everything you need to know about the procedure and its consequences.

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