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Chinese green tea diet health benefits

More than 4000 years, Chinese green tea diet has long been revered as a tasty drink that can prevent diseases and improve one's welfare. There are few herbs that can surpass its impressive history.

Since its first recorded use under Emperor Shen Nung, the link between Chinese green tea diet and good health has never been interrupted. Today, further studies are conducted to test the benefits of the remarkable health elixir.

Health benefits of traditional diet

According to tradition, this diet can cure everything from headaches, body aches and pains to constipation and depression. Over the centuries, more health claims on behalf of Chinese green tea diet.

It detoxifies the body. The presence of polyphenols, a natural antioxidant in this particular tea is said to combat harmful free radicals and helps the body free from diseases. In this regard, Chinese green tea helps maintain the general welfare of the body. He fights with the anti-aging as antioxidants can increase immunity, preserve young-looking skin, and make your eyes.

Additional health benefits of green tea increases blood flow in the body. Because it contains a little caffeine, consume this drink stimulates the heart and allows blood to flow more freely through blood vessels. For the same reason that tea stimulates blood flow, it also stimulates mental clarity.

For many years, men of science remained skeptical about the health claims of enthusiasts, Chinese green tea diet, because health benefits are very large in number. Their doubt was changed to a more positive reception when, after scientists had proved its disease prevention properties and confirm the majority of health claims.

The Heart

Study after study has shown that drinking green tea and eating foods rich in polyphenol reduces risk of cardiac complications. It helps to strengthen the blood vessels that provide valuable nutrients and oxygen to the heart and brain. She has also studied, men who use food that is 75% less ability to attack from those who are not used for food.

Green tea diet helps lower total cholesterol and improving the relationship between LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol. The survey shows that men who drink nine or more cups of Chinese green tea daily have lower cholesterol than those who drank less than two cups. While nine cups may seem like a lot, which is divided during the day, and realize that it is not hard to drink that many cups. You can have one during and after each meal and during the breaks.

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Role of the Chinese for "diet" to promote longevity has been studied for many researchers. They found the premise for their study on observing Japanese women who are older than the average green tea drink, have lower mortality rates than others. This led researchers to believe that diet is a "protective factor against premature death."

The polyphenols found in foods can not be held responsible. With its high amount of polyphenols, it seems to have a stimulating effect on the immune system. A stronger immune system, caused by drinking green tea helps reduce the risk of getting many diseases.

If these health benefits, making Chinese green tea diet can not motivate you to start drinking this miracle in a cup, chances are you will never be motivated to lose weight. So start today and drink up. Health benefits beyond weight loss!


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