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Quick tips on hygiene care for period

Between tampons and sanitary pads, opt for the latter. Studies done in the U.S. suggest that use of tampons may lead to endometriosis, a painful menstrual disorder.

Change pads or tampons every three hours, even on days when your flow is light. Blood is a good culture medium for bacteria and fungal. Infrequent changing may lead to vaginal infection. It has also been suspected to cause or worsen endometrlesls.

Take an iron supplement during your period and the week afterwards, especially all you suffer from anemia. Symptoms of anemic disorder Include paleness around the lips and the inner side of the lower lids, as well as migraine headaches during your period. Ask your doctor about the right dosage.

If prone to migraine during your period, avoid the three C's-coffee, cheese, and chocolates. And make sure you get enough sleep.

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