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Natural therapy for heart vein opening

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For Heart Vein opening

1) Lemon juice 1 cup
2) Ginger juice 1 cup
3) Garlic juice 1 cup
4) Apple vinegar 1 cup

Mix all above and boil in light flame approximately half
hour, when it becomes 3 cups, take it out and keep it
for cooling. After cooling, mix 3 cups of natural honey
and keep it in bottle.

Every morning before breakfast use one Table spoo
regularly. Your blockage of Vein's will open
(No need any Angiography or By pass)

This article which is from my email and is received from a person working in a Software Company.

Dear colleagues, I am working in Blore Software City ..... I wanted to share an incident of my life with you, hoping that it may be an eye opener to you so that you can live more years.

On 27th October afternoon, I had severe heart attack symptom and I was rushed to the hospital.

After reaching to the hospital, the doctors prescribed a test called angiogram. This test is basically to identify blood flow of heart arteries. When they finished the test they found a 94% block in the main artery, please see the image below with red circle.

At this point, I wanted to share my living style, which has caused this block in my heart arteries. Please see the below points of my life style, if any of these points are part of your life style then you are at risk, please change yourselves.

1. I was not doing any physical exercise for more than 10 years , not even walking 30 minutes a day for years.

2. My food timings are 11:00 AM Breakfast or no Breakfast, 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM Lunch and dinner at 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

3. Sleeping in very odd timings, going to bed between 12:00 AM and 3:00 AM. Waking up at between 9:00 AM and 10:30AM ......... Some times spending sleepless nights.

4. I used to eat heavily because of long gaps between lunch and dinner and I used to make sure that Non-Veg is available most of the time, there were times when I did survey on city hotels to find delicious Non-Veg dishes. I was never interested in vegetable and healthier food.

5. Above all I was chain smoker from years.

6. My father passed away due to heart problems, and the doctors say the heart problems are usually genetic.

Once they identified the major block they have done immediately a procedure called angioplasty along with 2 Stints, mean they will insert a foreign body into the heart arteries and open the blocked area of arteries. Please see the below image afte the procedure.

I learnt from the doctors that 60% people will die before reaching the hospital,20% people will die in the process of recovering from heart attack and only 20% will survive .. In my case, I was very lucky to be part of the last 20%.

Doctors instructions:

1. Need t have physical exercise for minimum of 45 minutes daily.
2. Eat your food at perfect timings, like how you eat during your school days. Eat in small quantities more times and have lot of vegetables and boiled food, try to avoid fry items and oily food. Fish is good than other non-vegetarian food.
3. Sleep for 8 hours a day, this count should complete before sun rising.
4. Stop smoking.
5. Genetic problems, we cannot avoid but we can get away from it by having regular checkups.
6. Find a way to get relived from the stress (Yoga, Meditation etc).

So I urge you all to please avoid getting into this situation, it is i your hands to turn the situation up side down, by just planning / changing your life style, by following simple points above


  1. how long do you take this potion for?

  2. What evidence is there that this works - please point to or post actual results from actual people.

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  4. These are some of the facts and figures regarding the relation between depression and heart attack that might raise your eyebrows:
    According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the nation's single leading cause of death for both men and women. At least 58.8 million people in this country suffer from some form of heart disease.

    And on the whole, cardiovascular diseases (the combination of heart disease and stroke) kill some 950,000 Americans every year.

    Still, there are many misconceptions about heart disease: "The biggest misconception is that heart disease only happens to the elderly,".

    In fact, according to the American Heart Association, almost 150,00 Americans killed by cardiovascular disease each year are under the age of 65. And one out of every 20 people below the age of 40 has heart disease.

    You can find some interesting facts from http://www.elitehealth.com/heart_scans.php .
    So, it is now a wise decision to keep a constant monitoring of your health. Why to take a chance if we have the option. I was in the similar misconception that heart disease are far away waiting for me to get aged. But to my surprise, I was found to be having a calcium deposit in my coronary arteries. I need to have my advance diagnostic scans due reassure whether something really deadly is waiting for me. Though it was some dreadful going on in my life, but I never felt any kind of discomfort in Elitehealth.com advanced diagnostic facility. http://www.elitehealth.com/advanced_diagnostic_testing.php. They were having some of the latest diagnostic equipments and non invasive techniques which made me feel safe. Their medical office in Los Angeles was more than what I had expected with some latest diagnostic techniques which help make earth a better place to live.

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    Dear friends,

    I am a lover of nature and herbal medicines for maintaining my health. However, my mind does not allow to accept this preparation described above.

    All the ingredients like lemon,ginger, garlic and honey are good for health, except vinegar.

    Any kind of vinegar,artificial or natural is only an acid which is generally used as preservative in packed liquid foods.

    The natural herbs in raw form could be good for health. You know 'garlic pearls' are good for treating heart disease, small quantity of lime for cold and ginger for fever. Pure honey is always good as it gives sucrose and glucose, finally energy. It acts as preservative also.

    I do not understand, why the mixture should be boiled for half an hour even in sim flame.It is 100 degrees and above! In half an hour of burning, you will get only charred vessel and not 3 cups of any liquid. Further, boiling of natural medicines for long period makes them to loose their vital elements.

    The essential oils in lime,garlic and ginger will get evaporated in the boiling process leaving only fibre residues with some tannin like materials.

    Mixing or dissolving them in honey could not give any good effect than that of the pure honey that is added finally.

    This is not a proven or suggested medicine any where in the naturopathy. Please check it up!

    There are real alternative medicines for treating angina pectoris. They dissolve fats or calcarious matters accumulated in the veins as blocks. Learn about them and do get assistance of good educated sidha doctors.

    I do feel that the preparation suggested in this article is vague and could cause certain damage to stomach and colon.

    I will be happy if people who do not know basics, should refrain from spreading this formula with out having confirmed about ita actions on your heart. IT IS YOUR HEART, NOT RAT TO TEST ON YOUR OWN!

    Be careful and take care!
    Agricultural scientist &
    Business strategist

  7. does anybody know who started recommending this formula.Also the color of final preparation after boiling is a greenish color liquid.Is it normal and safe to use

  8. Their are receipes like this and also mok yee in the Internet. What surprises is these concotions all go to the stomach and straight out and aren't going to flow directly thro the arteries cleaning the blocks. So I feel their is nothing like having a good exercise or yoga which slows the count down time of an heart attack. Further, if ever a true medicine were being identified then their would people wishing to bring at least to the market for commercials. So their has never been a real herb promising to clear the arteries. It's always those ppl like the angioprim trying to business on other peoples money. As far as mok yee their should be some business exporter from china wanting to make an international commodity. Of course it may be a cholesterol reducer but has never been artery cleanser.

  9. I don’t know how to start but its a fact that i used the above said mixture for about a month or so. Now i don’t need an aspirin or any heart medicine. I use to take aspirin in a weeks time as i use to have slight chest pain in my left side and sometimes it use to travel in my left arm.
    Now for the last two months i have never used a single aspirin or any other medicine, as i have never felt any pain in my left hand arm or chest. I will continue this recipe anytime I feel pain again in my chest.
    For me it worked like a magic but I will not recommend it to others as the source and results on a mass scale are not known to me.

  10. Cardiac arrest is life taking disease. If instant first aid is given to the patient, life of the patient can be saved. The first and foremost aid is to make the person sit down and calm. The family doctor or treating doctor should be called immediately. If possible, rush the patient to the hospital. The garment worn should be made loose so that patient can relax.

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  13. Its a great and useful tips. I learn much about your post I will let my friend read it. Thank you.

  14. This is very informative blog website..... I glad to find those useful tips... Thanks a lot for such an awesome sharing...

    sharon baker

  15. I am affraid this information is just a hoax , take a look at this : http://erdo.posterous.com/quack-stroke-rehad-advice-purportedly-from-un

  16. I completely agree with feedback posted by pnkguru
    Agricultural scientist &
    Business strategist

    People are just misguiding.. as i was trying to explore to know do we have any live testimony ? person who got cured by using the below remedy:
    1) Lemon juice 1 cup
    2) Ginger juice 1 cup
    3) Garlic juice 1 cup
    4) Apple vinegar 1 cup

    Atleast i didn't find any.. so pls b very very careful before trying this remedy yourself.. as dear pnkguru said "IT IS YOUR HEART.NOT RAT!".. cheers1

  17. I dont agree with Pnkguru 100%. Yes all intakes goes to stomach but those essence will absorb and will effect body accordingly. Just think we take medicine all it goes to stomach. For an example a person has headache and he takes 2 lynoll it goes to stomach and not to head. But eventually headache will cure. I am sure though this is not 100% solution for heart disease but helps immensely to reduce fat in the body.

  18. Thanks for providing the health issues causes and
    solution of problems.
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  19. I just read all this above. Well I will personally tell you it works. I had 4 artery's block and today after 2 months no blockage. And apple cider vinegar isn't acid forming it is alkaline. But I agree about heating it so the next recipe I make I will cut the recipe in half and take it raw. I will let you know. And all the ingredients in there except honey is alkaline forming and that is the main key for keeping a good heart and good health. Bob

  20. Well as far, I've known this website from many friends using this medicine formula they've proven what the above arguments are.
    They told me that within 1 and a half month or within 2 months the formula will be stabilized by your body metabolism and by that time is where you will feel the effect.
    Alkaline is the dominant element of the whole formula as far as I've reserched....

  21. Nice information its very helpful to us, here I see another website of natural therapy natural therapy.

  22. This is Dr.Patkar From India. I started manufacturing this Home reciepe first in world. i was practising Naturopathy in Mumbai. i knew this formulation but was not believing it as how can this simple ingridents will clear Blockages. I was making Apple cider vinegar ( I am the first manufacturer of health vinegar in India.) & priscribing to my patients for different diseases. One person came in search of ACV as other ingridents were available in market. He requested to make for his mother who has been given only 2 months time as she was suffering from 98%blockages & doctors cannot have a by-pass because of her age i.e75yrs & low hemoglobin count. He told any way my mother will die in two months but i believe in miracles. I was notb intrested as this formula seems to be simple while reading but have many health complications if not prepared scientifically, you can have metal toxity & infection if not made perfectly. I made 10 litres & gave him 45 days dose. He came after one month full of joy as his mother was feeling good alll the symptoms were 80% gone & started roaming here and there. i was still not believing. Fortunately next month one person from hubli called me for Apple cider vinegar (ACV) as he also wanted to make the combination . He was happy to know i had ready made combination in sock. He had by-pass in 2007 & in 2012 again doctor sujjested by-pass which he wanted to avoid. he started walking 4 km after taking it for two months. all his symptoms were gone.
    i got confidence & started promoting it . i feel very happy to hear people when they share their experience. some send their before after reports also.. Now people from australia U.s. Uk, Malyasia, hong kong are using our products.
    I agree with PNK guru partially specially about product potency. so we have made some changes but basic formulation is same.
    PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE www.naturesshopy.com we also have posted patients feedback.

  23. A Doctor should be able to spell and type better than that Dr Paktar did. Just making an observation

  24. Cooked it in ceramic crock pot on high and it did not turn green.